Dear Wine Lovers,

The Wine Guy is pleased to announce three new programs to make your journey to discover new wines even more fun and easy.  After all, that is our mission at The Wine Guy!

Our quarterly Wine club will provide you with a regular flow of delicious new finds from the multitude of wines we taste at The Wine Guy headquarters.  Many of these wines you will not see at other retailers due to our relationship with several small production producers.  We will surprise you with 2 or 3 new wines every 90 days. (Remember, we taste a lot of bad wine so you don't have to.....)

Wine Club - $99 (billed every 90 days)

  • You pick either 2 or 3 delicious new Wine Guy finds with a retail value of at least $115
  • Receive 10% off any additional purchases on the day you pick up your wines at The Wine Guy
  • Receive 10% off any private tastings, parties or dinners.  We partner with 2 of the finest chefs in Oakland County!
  • Receive 25% off at our Saturday afternoon tastings!

Inquire about our other two Monthly Wine Clubs and pick the Club that best suits your budget and taste!

Don't forget that we offer private on-site or off-site parties which are totally customized to your specifications!


Call 248-977-4893 or email

Thank you for Joining our Wine Club!